Rugs play an important role in making a house a home and in defining space in public areas, as rugs can transform a room by creating just that ambience a room or space is calling upon, be it an elegant and sophisticated feeling or toned with a more serene and simplistic functionalism. Be inspired to explore possibilities of having a ‘one-of-a-kind’ custom designed, sustainable and handwoven rug, made to fit your individual specifications.

The rugs appearing under AREA RUGS are available in custom colors and sizes. 

A June Hilton creation can either be a foundation of which a room is built up upon, or a rug designed to harmonize with existing furniture. In delveloping ideas for a potential project, aspects pertaining to color, the surrounding light conditions, different types of yarns and weave structures are all taken into consideration in the design process and ultimately, resulting in refined proposals of art for the floor. As each project is unique, the creative approach depends solely on the demands and requirements of the individual project, beginning with the opening dialogue with the client, where project criteria is sketched up.
When proposed ideas for the customized rug have been agreed upon, a color and material sample is woven by the artisans in India, enabling the client to better visualize the solutions for the designated space before ordering the rug and finalizing the project as a whole.
All in all, this makes for a time frame of approximately six months, before the finished rug is together with you in your home. In working with June Hilton, you will be guided through the different steps involved in the rug making-process and be rewarded with a perfectly designed and skillfully handcrafted rug for your space, with potential for longevity many years ahead.
Hilton also welcomes to assist in creating rugs based on a client’s own design.