JUNE HILTON is an innovative Danish-American designer of customized hand-woven rugs, for quality conscious private clients, interior architects and selected stores. Hilton’s creative sphere is insightful, original and rooted within Scandinavian aesthetics.

A passion for working with design was given to June Hilton at an early age when her parents took the move from Denmark to Alaska, where a keen color sensitivity was influenced along with fascination of the natural shapes and forms found in nature. Impressions were many but one in particular was in feeling the softness, when walking barefooted outdoors through endless patches of thick mossy carpets! Hilton’s moss has evolved into influential, high-end tactile textures for the floor, either being subtle and soft-hued or bold and vibrant design statements.

In making her lustrous and sustainable rugs and carpets with natural fibers, Hilton collaborates with talented master weavers and craftsmen in northern India who translate her ideas with their weaving skills that have been passed down for generations. The creative processes are most rewarding as the partnering of supreme Indian craftsmanship with Danish design now also encompasses personal relations, feeding a love for beauty and inspirational travels.

June Hilton graduated with honors from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design and has earned several distinguished honors for her approach to designing art for the floor, including a Three Year National Endowment for the Arts.

Hilton’s rug designs have appeared in British and American issues of ‘House & Garden’, WALLPAPER* as well as the Danish, Bo Bedre and RUM Interiør Design. Her customized rug designs have also been shown in the English publications ‘Carpets for the Home’ by Amicia de Moubray David Black and ‘The Flooring Book’ by Elizabeth Wilhide, an essential sourcebook.